Wednesday, 18 May 2016

B+E Trailer Tests

Trailer training is essential for company drivers who are expected to tow - whatever the size or weight of their trailer. Beyond 4x4 Lantra Trailer courses are an excellent introduction, or refresher, for drivers on safety and procedures for towing while at work.

Now we are providing a route to gaining the B+E licence via our trailer training courses in Devon, and for Land Rover Experience West Country. With trailer test courses run from our training venue in East Devon, with a view to taking the DVSA test in Exeter, we have ever more vocational options for drivers who passed their test after 1997.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Thanks to our 4x4 Training colleagues!

We're gearing up towards our tenth anniversary now, and we've started thinking about how we've got where we are and where we're going in the future.

We'll keep the future plans quiet for the moment, but we wanted to say a quick thank you to some of our colleagues who've provided help, training and support throughout the last decade:

Protec Training - we did our initial professional training courses with Ken Stewart and over the years he's become a firm friend and excellent support trainer on so many of our courses.

MTF Training - when we were stuck in trouble looking for a site after we'd been let down by another training provider, Ian Shacklock stepped in with the use of his excellent off-road training site in Devon. Since then he has regularly covered training for us and his experience is a huge help.

MT Training Services - when our senior trainer, Tim, took a year off on paternity leave, we needed someone who could take up the slack. Step up Tony Collinson, whose team of excellent instructors were called on regularly. This business relationship has continued, with both companies stepping in to help out when necessary.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

4x4 Training for every eventuality!

With the recent weather, we've been seeing a huge amount of 4x4s around, from the utility companies, contractors and of course the much maligned Environment Agency (we've been training the guys on the ground recently and, I promise, it wasn't them who decided to stop dredging rivers, so please be nice to them!).

There have been some excellent examples of driving in the media, along with some terrible ones, with the bow-wave technique called into question, certainly in an on-road flood situation: Farmer's plea for vehicles not to create bow waves.

Beyond 4x4 Training are unlike other providers in that we specialise in running courses which are applicable to drivers working in every terrain, not just off-road, as we feel that the liability for companies and drivers is huge when working with these vehicles in on-road situations and especially during periods of adverse weather.

For those companies whose drivers use 4x4s to ensure they are able to stay effective whatever the weather, we are the first choice for fully compliant, safe and above all - effective, training.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Winter 4x4 Training

Protec Training have been working on their 4x4 Familiarisation and Winter Driving course and we can now tell everyone that it is now a Lantra-Awards Approved course, with certification upon meeting the training criteria.

This one-day 4x4 course is aimed at professional drivers who are provided with 4x4 vehicles and covers equipment familiarisation and training in all environments. Crucially this course, unlike any of the other Lantra 4x4 courses available, is designed to address risk awareness for on-road driving, as well as covering light off-road use.
Essential for all professional drivers of 4x4 vehicles to fully comply with PUWER (the highest risk area for 4x4s is on-road), it also acts as a gateway qualification to the Lantra-Awards 4x4 Professional Off-Road Driving qualification one day Experienced Operator course when undertaken either with Protec or with Beyond 4x4.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Short article about winter options for fleet managers

This is just a quick heads up about an article from us on about how to keep vehicles and staff on the road this winter.

From winter tyres and snowsocks, through intelligent traction control systems to fully specced off-road 4x4s - what is the best and most efficient option for you? We also cover the training requirements for each, to give fleet managers an idea of how to plan for the H&S compliance side of things too.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Our colleagues - 4x4 experts!

Off-Road Training from Beyond 4x4
We've been running both on-road and off-road training courses since 2005 across the whole of the UK. In that time we have had the honour of meeting some outstanding trainers.

Some of these guys are now fully on board with Beyond 4x4, others are happy to help out when we call on them. All of them we are now glad to be able to call friends.

So this is a quick post to let people know that there really are some genuine 4x4 experts out there amongst the mass of bandwagon followers.

All of these guys take 4x4 training as seriously as we do. They are all DSA ADIs and Lantra-Awards 4x4 trainers, working in the driver training industry week in and week out in order to provide the best training and advice for their clients.

Protec 4x4 Training Courses Glasgow and Ayrshire   

MTF 4x4 Driver Training Devon

MT Training Services Gloucestershire
Over the last decade, all of these guys have come on board with us to help us deliver outstanding service to our customers, accredited and professional training to our candidates and sound advice to a lot of instructors and colleagues out there.

Thanks guys!

4x4 Training and ATV courses East of England

As we're always on the look out for suitable venues for our off-road training, so we're delighted to announce we're now running Lantra-Awards Professional Off-Road Driving from an excellent site in the East of England, within easy reach of Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex. It's also one of the most cost effective 4x4 training venues near London - less than 90 minutes from the capital.

Off-Road Training East of England
Off-Road 4x4 Training on the Cambridge/Suffolk Border

With a great variety of terrain, hazards that test both drivers and vehicle capabilities, and facilities that allow us to train groups of up to 18 drivers, our new 4x4 site is already proving to be a favourite with clients.

So, if you're looking for off-road training courses in the East of England, get in touch:
Off-road Training - Beyond 4x4.